Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Review: Kinsey and Me

No joke-I've had this checked out since May! Kinsey and Me by Sue Grafton is listed as 22.5 in the Alphabet series. I've read books 23 and 24 but never got this one read till now.

The first half of this book is previously published short stories featuring Kinsey. I loved these short stories. Kinsey really shines in these short stories and the cases vary from murder to locating people. Most of these stories average about twenty pages and I flew through most of these during Saturday's Readathon.

Finished up the Kinsey shorts
Tuesday morning with breakfast! 
In the middle is a essay titled, An Eye for an I. I really love the exposition of the genre of mystery and how it fit into American life. At one point, she mentions progressing from Nancy Drew to Agatha Christie and eventually on to Raymond Chandler. She writes, "...a baptism by immersion in the dark poetry of murder." I think all mystery readers have had this immersion into darker stories.

The last few stories are Kit Blue stories Grafton wrote as a way of dealing with the memories and death of her mother. These were my favorite. I could see a house covered in anger, alcoholism, and grief smothered in a cloud of cigarette smoke.

I loved this book and am now officially caught up with the Kinsey series.

One more great quote from this book:

I think you best make your peace with the past since you've come this far. I think you know by now that you won't go back again. Sue Grafton

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Dewey's Readathon Update

First post on a new blog and it's all about Dewey's Readathon! I had to work on Saturday so I read from 6 pm-1 am. Got one book finished and one half done. Which is better than this month!

The next Readathon is April 29th and again, I will have to work. However, I've made a note to request that day off! I've been itching to rent a cabin in the woods and that just may become my plan!

I've not been reviewing books and this blog will help get that habit back. I'm on Litsy and Goodreads-catch me over there!

Right now, I need to flip laundry, start some queso in the crockpot, and wash some dishes!

Have a happy Sunday!

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