Monday, November 21, 2016

How I Choose My Next Book

You'll notice that when I review a book I'll mention why I'm reading a specific book. I wanted to share my method of madness when it comes to my reading.

I took a good look at what was on my TBR, the various websites I used to track books, and my desire to read a specific author or recommendations out of a book. Also, I organized my TBR list in LibraryThing (LT) by genre.

I then started listing those books in desired order and read across the sheet to find my next read. To make this even easier I entered this into Goodreads in order I want to read.

My categories are: King, LT/ROOT, Series, L'Amour, List Challenges, Penguin, Country, Akashic Noir, ROOT, Genres/LT, Books for the Journey, Book Lust, McBain.

My first category is Stephen King's oeuvre. King is one of those authors I always wanted to read but didn't know where to start. So I started at the beginning and have been enjoying myself. I haven't read much but loved The Long Walk, The Shining, and The Stand. I'm up to Dead Zone. 

Next up is a category that will change. Right now I've got a genre from LibraryThing (romance books and a handful of occult books) but will soon change to ROOT (read our own tomes). Romance books are the smallest genre I've got on LibraryThing and not sure how the handful of occult ended up on there. After cataloging my bookshelves, I realized I've got a problem with acquiring books and never reading them. So I'll switch to that after getting my LT books read.

Series is pulled from Fictfact. Right now I'm playing catch up on series. A tween series called 13 Treasures and more Jan Karon are on deck. Once I get caught up, I've got a ton of series on Fictfact to try next.

 Next is Louis L'Amour books by pub date. I read a lot of L'Amour in high school and have enjoyed the rereads and discovering new books. This is my escapism, fun read.

List Challenges is my next broad subject. List Challenges is a website that lists lists of all kinds. Right now, I'm working on Amazon's 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime. Next up will be Goodread's Best Book Ever. I'm a little obsessed with at least trying books that it seems everyone else has tried.

Penguin Classics has released an PDF/eBook of their classic books. Find that link here. I've downloaded and uploaded to Google Drive and have started on the list. I feel like I should attempt more classical reading and this would be a good way to get me started.

Country is an effort to read more diversely by reading books set in and by authors of other countries. I used the list on A Year of Reading the World  to build my list. I've got a list in my reading spreadsheet to list which countries I've read.

Akashic Noir is a series of short story collections that are noirish and set in a particular area by a variety of authors from there. Check out Akashic Books for different titles. First up for me is Baltimore and I'm enjoying this look of a city I've only experienced through The Wire.

ROOT is simply, Read Our Own Tomes. Basically, it's time to read what I've got and make room for keepers. The first nine books listed is ARCs I've never gotten to!

Genres/LT is working on my online Mt TBR. Right now it's occult books (demons and physics and hauntings, oh my!). Next up will be cult (Westboro! Mormon extremism! Scientology!)

Books for the Journey is a book or recommendations. It's for teens and written by educators. Lots of great classics and recommended for expanding your horizon books.

Book Lust has been sitting on my shelves mocking me for years. It's time to put it too use. I'm conquering the books mentioned in the introduction first.

McBain is Ed McBain's 87th Precinct series. I'm attempting to read this all and am only up to #12. Someday I'll be finished with this fabulous series!

Do you organize your reading or just go by what you're in the mood for?

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