Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November Already?!?

Wow, is it November already? Although, I have to admit I've been playing Christmas music since before Halloween!

So, what did I read in October?

 Every year, I take a day and enjoy a handful of children's books. These were all Goodreads recommendations. Waiting for Winter, That Book Woman, Thidwick the Bighearted Moose, Snowmen at Night, Why Christmas Trees Aren't Perfect, and A Child's Calendar were all stellar and ones I really enjoyed.

I read three adult books this month and enjoyed two of the them. Taggert  was read because I'm reading everything L'Amour and enjoyed this one. I don't think I've read this one before.

Kinsey and Me was a delightful short story collection and something I reviewed already on the blog.

Never Open Desert Diner was a let down. I love books set in the desert and enjoyed the characters and setting in this. Ultimately, it just felt like it dragged on way too much and I wasn't invested in the story by the end. One of those, "I just want to get this book done" books.

With 12 books read this month, my total for this year is at 28 books. I recently changed positions at the library and am behind the scenes. Since I'm not handling what felt like hundreds of books a day at my job, I am actually enjoying reading once again.

So, what am I going to read in November?

Yep, both The Exorcist and Christmas books in one month! I've decided to finish 2 half finished books (I have one more half-finished book on my shelf but don't want to conquer it yet). 

I actually have a spreadsheet with multiple categories or lists. Most of these books have a specific reason for reading. 1984 is on Amazon's 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime. A Thousand Rooms of Dream and Fear is set in Afghanistan and I'm determined to read more outside my country (yes, let's start with countries that start with A!).

Baltimore Noir is part of the Akashick Noir series of short stories in a specific location. Flatland is part of the Penguin classic series. Only Rule Is That It Has To Work is an unread ARC.

Night School is the latest installment of Jack Reacher series. Then there's the three Christmas books. Because I'm ready for Christmas music and stories.

Ambitious perhaps, but with being half way through two books, and three smaller Christmas books, and a Reacher novel this feels doable. This month should put me over my GR goal of 30 books.

Do you have plans on what you want to read this month?

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