Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sick Days

There is nothing worse than living in the Midwest during season changes when you have allergy/sinus/asthma issues. The inconsistent weather of warm then cool then warm then cold really messes a person up!

A week of headaches, snot, and a sick day has not been conductive to reading.

I did get the last little bit of season 2 of Outlander watched along with the last 5 episodes of the TV show Motive watched.

Right now, I have moved my book, The Only Rule is it Has to Work, back on my TBR. I just can't concentrate on the book. The book is definitely written from a stat's point of view and my view of baseball is more love of the game. It's taking more brain power to get through this and with a near constant headache these days, this just isn't working.

This week, I plan on finishing Baltimore Noir, Hope of Christmas, Christmas Fairy Tales. I also need to work on my poetry book.

I'm definitely hoping to start feeling better this week-although once again it's going to be a temperature roller coaster.

Have you got Christmas up and enjoying the season?

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